Commodore’s Trophy

Commodore’s Trophy Races employ a regular start sequence with the exception of the Dorothy Quortrup and Meachum Memorial which are conducted using a Pursuit start. Commodore’s Trophy Races conclude with a gathering at the club following each race. The course is selected by the race committee. For pursuit events, each boat’s start-time offset is based on the course for the evening as is listed on the Pursuit Race spreadsheet (version 2016.2, updated May 27th, 2016). If your boat is not listed on the spreadsheet, please contact Regatta Committee Chair, Bob Canavan.

The 2017 Commodore’s Trophy Series consists of the following regattas:

Friday, June 23 @ 1900hrs. Appleby Regatta (RC: First Committment)
Sat-Sun, June 24-25 @ 1200hrs. Meachum Memorial (RC: Outbound – Night Moves / Inbound – Serenade)
Friday, July 7 @ 1900hrs. Dorothy Quortrup Women’s Skipper Pursuit Race (RC: Speedway Boogie)
Saturday, July 8 @ 1900hrs. Moonlight Regatta (RC: Bag of Tricks)
Friday, August 11 @ 1900hrs. Dr. Ruth Regatta (RC: Wizard)
Sat-Sun, August 12-13 @ 1200hrs. Meachum Memorial (alternate date)
Friday, Sept. 1 @ 1900hrs. Labor Day Regatta (RC: Golden Eye)
Saturday, Sept. 16 @ 1300hrs. Fall Classic (BBQ to follow) (RC: Savannah)

Race Results

View 2017 Commodore’s Trophy Series Race Results here.

Scoring information for the Commodore’s Trophy can be found in the Sailing Instructions which can be downloaded here. For additional information, please contact Regatta Chairman, Bob Canavan. The final Champagne series results will be included as one event in the Commodore’s Trophy calculation.