Board of Governors

The Board of Governors meets on the first Monday of each month to conduct club business. Letters addressed to the board should be sent to the club Secretary for board review at the next scheduled meeting.


Commodore: Christopher Lucas
Vice Commodore: Ron Doering (House Chair)
Rear Commodore: Martin Pohrille
Secretary: Sarah Davies
Treasurer: Shawn Keating


Regatta: Bob Canavan
Fleet: Kieran Morris
Grounds and Membership: Susan Enzler
Social: Mary McCourt
Personnel: Ron Doering
Junior Sailing: Jonathan Waechter

A history of Hempstead Harbour Club Board Members from 1980 to present can be found here.

Harbour Lights: James Riordan & John Power
Web Site: Chris Lucas
Lockers: Ron Doering
Counsel: Pat Goodsell
Ship’s Store: Meredith Brosnan, Michelle Zito and Linda Kelly